Two days ago, the wroclavian manufacturer of multifunctional 3D printers announced the premiere of a new, more advanced all-in-one solution, Zmorph Fab. This types of devices has become very popular in the education industry and is a perfect solution for modern classrooms or Fab Labs. The previous version of the Polish manufacturer’s flagship product has been improved for a new group of recipients, i.e. customers from the industrial production sector.

Basically, the concept of operation of the device remains unchanged. The new Zmorph Fab has a system of interchangeable toolheads, enabling 3D printing from one or two materials, CNC milling, laser engraving and cutting, and 3D printing from semi-liquid and thick pastes. Thanks to the wide range of tools offered by the manufacturer, we are able to use various production methods without leaving our desk.

What has changed? First of all, the all-in-one device has undergone a significant metamorphosis in terms of design. The combination of yellow and black in the new visual identification added a modern character to the device. However, the changed design is not the only one improvement of the Zmorph Fab compared to the previous version.

In the case of toolheads, numerous improvements have also been made. The Single Extruder toolhead has been redesigned, allowing you to create prints in less time while maintaining a high-quality surface finish. In addition, the head is equipped with a system of sensors that detect the movement of the filament. As soon as the filament runs out, the machine will stop working immediately until the consumable is refilled. However, this is not the end of improvements – the extruder is also equipped with an automatic material loading function, unavailable for the previous version of the device.

It is worth adding that the latest version of the device has been optimized in such a way as to make the work of even novice users as easy as possible. Another added option to help with this is the Smart Toolheads system applied to detect which head is installed. Changing toolheads is simple and quick, and the manufacturer claims that changing the head does not take more than a minute.

Another improvement on the new Zmorph is a redesigned cooling fan. Providing efficient airflow in combination with the streamlined head enables faster 3D printing. What materials can Zmorph Fab print from? The maximum 3D printing temperature is 250 ° C, while the borosilicate print bed can heat up to 115 ° C. This allows 3D printing from materials such as ABS or TPE, where the use of a heated substrate contributes to better adhesion of the first layer, and at the same time reduces the risk of process failure.

Zmorph Fab allows for 3D printing from many filaments, the melting point of which is within the temperature range of the head. The new version also supports the head that allows you to extrude two materials at the same time. Thanks to this, it is possible to use water-soluble materials intended for the implementation of support structures (the list of materials that can be printed in one process is available on the manufacturer’s website).

What’s new in CNC?

The Zmorph Fab multifunction machine also offers a number of improvements in CNC machining. The new redesigned aluminum worktable provides improved rigidity and protects the electronics from dust left over from CNC machining. Thanks to the new clamping method, mounting of the machined material is easier, faster and allows you to work with blocks of material with irregular geometries. The Caesian XZ head is also additionally reinforced with glass fiber fastening straps. The tool allows the processing of a wide range of construction materials, including wood and wood-like materials, composites, plastics and even soft metals.

New features have also been added to Voxelizer to provide a smoother workflow, conforming to the CAM standard for CNC routines with STEP operations. In addition, interestingly, the problem will not be a tool change within one GCode and the visualization of the milling machine work path.

New interface and HEPA filter 

Another cosmetic change is the interface of the wroclavian manufacturer’s machine. It has become more eye-friendly and adapted to the new design of Zmorph products. It is more intuitive and easy to use by both professionals and beginners. 

The manufacturer has decided to equip its flagship model with a HEPA filter that will meet the applicable requirements and standards in terms of the emission of harmful vapors. This element intercepts and prevents the emission of up to 99% of particles released during the 3D printing process. The 3D printer will detect itself when the filter is worn out and inform the user when it needs to be replaced.


Along with the new device, the slicer of the wroclavian manufacturer has also evolved. The new Voxelizer is a comprehensive software for 3D printing, CNC milling, and laser engraving and cutting. The optimized workflow for both CNC tools and other software modules is a new quality for users. The program has many streamlined options, incl. ready-made 3D printing settings for a wide range of materials and the ability to create your own presets.

How is Zmorph Fab distributed? The device is available in four different packages:

  • Zmorph Fab Custom Set
  • Zmorph Fab 3D printer
  • Zmorph Fab All-in-one 3D Printer
  • Zmorph Fab Bundle Box

The basic set (Custom Set) includes the 3D printer itself, without interchangeable heads and accessories (including the build platform). The next packages are its extensions with different toolheads and accessories, depending on the selected set. This solution allows you to personalize the product and adapt it to your needs.

Despite the COVID pandemic, Zmorph has had a very good year. The manufacturer from Wrocław has only just introduced a new all-in-one desktop-class device to its offer, and has already announced the premiere of another new 3D printer – the Zmorph i500 is an industrial-class device with a large working area. According to the manufacturer, the machine will allow for 3D printing with single or double extrusion and have a competitive price-quality ratio. The premiere of the next product is scheduled for the first half of 2021.

Patrycja Dubert
Biomedical engineer interested in unconventional and innovative approach to medicine and its connection with modern technology.

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