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Bambu Lab intends to enable installation of third-party firmware on 3D printers

3D printer manufacturer Bambu Lab has announced that it intends to allow its customers to install third-party software on their devices. Bambu Lab is responding in this way to the development of an alternative firmware called X1 Plus by the development team.

As Bambu Lab announced in its statement, a security vulnerability was initially discovered in the original firmware that allowed the 3D printer to be jailbroken. After initial skepticism, a discussion finally took place between Bambu Lab and the developers of the X1 Plus software. According to Bambu Lab, the company has so far followed an Apple-like strategy with its closed system, which has some advantages such as ensuring quality standards, but it also limits the ability to customize settings for advanced users.

As a compromise, Bambu Lab now wants to give its customers the choice between the original system or installing third-party software. A special firmware update will be available soon. However, installing firmware from third party providers is at your own risk and without any claims from Bambu Lab.

The company plans to create and release official interfaces for developers in the future. Until they are available, the new firmware will allow tech-savvy users to make extensive modifications to the 3D printer.

Source: www.bambulab.com

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