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CadXpert expands its offer with 3D printers for metal by establishing a strategic partnership with BLT

CadXpert – one of the largest distributors of 3D printers for industry, dentistry and many other industries in Poland, announced the signing of an agreement with BLT Europe GmbH, under which it will provide the Polish market with high-performance solutions for 3D metal printing in an industrial standard. Industrial 3D metal printers from BLT will reach Polish companies in the second quarter of 2024. CadXpert is implementing a long-term development strategy that responds to the growing customer demand for 3D printing of durable metal parts. Apart from Poland, CadXpert’s distribution area will also cover Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Metal 3D printing is one of the fastest growing segments of additive technologies, which has recorded significant growth in recent years. According to the Markets & Markets report, the annual average growth rate of the metal 3D printing market for 2022-2027 is expected to be +32.5%, and the annual turnover may reach USD 5.54 billion in 2027.

The new CadXpert offer is distinguished by three areas. The service will be end-to-end, which means that the customer will be able to follow the path from 3D printing services, through the purchase of a 3D printer, to full service of the devices used directly by CadXpert. Customers will be able to choose from a wide portfolio of over 30 models of metal 3D printers in various specifications and price ranges starting below PLN 100,000. EUR. This involves the ability to precisely adjust the 3D printer to specific needs and requirements.

Collaboration with BLT will enable CadXpert customers to have access to new materials and technologies at competitive operating costs, as BLT is also one of the few metal powder producers in the world.

For the Polish industry, the possibilities related to the production of complex metal geometries and the highest durability are expanding. The offer will also serve as a complement to 3D printing from plastics. Professional 3D printing will reach new market segments, and CadXpert will comprehensively help implement 3D metal printers in manufacturing companies.

CadXpert notices interest in 3D metal printers in industries such as automotive, foundry, dentistry and aviation. Arms and medical companies, as well as manufacturers of parts and components, can also benefit from 3D printing in this technology.

BLT (Bright Laser Technologies) started its operations in 2011 and over the course of 10 years it has built the position of one of the largest players on the metal 3D printing market. On the stock exchange, BLT has a capitalization of approximately USD 2.28 billion. The company employs approximately 1,500 employees worldwide, almost 30% of them in research and development. BLT also has the world’s largest factory equipped with 380 3D metal printers.

BLT’s offer includes 3D metal printers in all market segments, advanced materials and custom printing capabilities. The constant development of BLT technology is guaranteed by high investments in R&D, which amount to 15% of turnover every year.

BLT has been cooperating with Airbus for several years. Thanks to the full certification of the French manufacturer, it supplies the aviation and space industry with large, precise elements made using metal 3D printing technologies. BLT’s European clients also include the Italian Extreme Manufacturing Engineering (EME), which provides additive manufacturing services for large-size components.

CadXpert has been operating on the additive manufacturing technologies market since 2013. As a distributor, the company cooperates with renowned brands of 3D printer manufacturers Stratasys, Formlabs and UltiMaker. CadXpert consultants implement 3D printers in Polish companies and institutions, dealing with installation, training and servicing of devices. CadXpert also provides CAD design and 3D printing services in all industries where a quick start of production and savings on low and medium product series are important.

Source: CadXpert press materials

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