CD3D Sp. z o. o. is one of the most renowned companies operating on the 3D printing market in Central-Eastern Europe. It has been operating since January 2013, i.e. since the launch of the 3D Printing Center portal – the largest and longest-running medium dedicated to additive manufacturing in the country. Over the years, CD3D has enabled the vast majority of companies operating in the 3D printing industry in Poland to enter the market, as well as helped countless manufacturing and service companies to implement incremental technologies.

3D Printing Center had a key impact on the development of the 3D printing market in Poland and the popularization of additive technologies among institutional and individual users. The portal published the first presentations and descriptions of native 3D printers and the profiles of the companies that create them. From numerous articles, readers could learn not only what 3D printing is or how 3D printers work, but also how to create and develop a business based on additive technologies.

3D Printing Center websites
Early years:

Polish version of the portal – Centrum Druku 3D, is the largest one dedicated to additive technologies in Poland and the only one of the three longest operating websites of this type established in Europe. Since its debut in January 2013, it provides the latest information on additive technologies from the country and the world, presents tests and reviews of 3D printers and consumables, and publishes opinions and analyzes on the functioning of the 3D printing market.

In 2016, 3D Printing Center – the english version of the portal was launched. 50% of website traffic is generated by users from the USA, and over 95% from countries other than Poland. It is an excellent platform for promoting products and services related to broadly understood 3D technologies abroad.

3D Printing Services

CD3D cooperates with Technology Applied – the largest Polish service company that is able to make 3D prints in virtually any additive technology. The company specializes in the SLS method (Selective Laser Sintering – selective sintering of powdered plastics), having several high-performance industrial-class machines from EOS. Technology Applied produces up to tens of thousands of different parts per month for customers representing all possible industries and sectors. It is able to carry out both individual and comprehensive orders with hundreds or thousands of parts. Due to the high production volume, it can also guarantee very attractive and competitive prices.