3D Printing Center is the marketing partner of 3DfindIT.com – a library of 3D models for professionals, which is a complex aggregate for searching for original parts, made available for free by the largest manufacturers in the world. Among them we can find, among others ABB, Bosch, Epson, Panasonic, Toshiba, Yamaha, and Würth.

The platform is being developed by the German company Cadenas and currently has approx. 5,000 manufacturer catalogs and supports 121 CAD formats. With intelligent search functions, free CAD and BIM data downloads and a new improved interface, it is one of the largest platforms for architects, planners, engineers and designers.

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There are many different file formats for download at 3DFindIt.com: SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk Revit, ALLPLAN, ArchiCAD, Autodesk Inventor, NX, Solid Edge, PTC Creo Parametric, AutoCAD, CATIA and others. The search results can be precisely narrowed down thanks to numerous filters – starting from the basic shape of the needed component, the obtained search results can be narrowed down step by step. The parameters can be adjusted directly in the 3D preview until the visible model matches the searched element.

The biggest advantage of 3DfindIT.com is its unique and multi-functional parts search engine. They can be searched by phrase, but also due to other parameters:

  • by index: search for 3D models in a specific catalog or classification
  • geometric: uploading existing 3D models and looking for alternatives with the most similar geometry
  • sketch: upload a photo or sketch of the part you are looking for and search for the most similar 3D models
  • by color: search for parts either with 24 general colors or with the RGB palette
  • parametric: searching for 3D models using a parametric template
  • functional: searching for 3D models based on their functionality
  • filtering of existing categories.

If you use any of the above methods, multi-level filtering of the results is available. You can browse the manufacturers offering 3D models according to selected parameters, as well as go deeper and deeper into the functional categories. The search engine also offers hints on what to enter or select to narrow down the results and presents a counter that indicates the estimated accuracy of the results.

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