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Volvo implements “cold spraying” from Titomic

Volvo Group, product manufacturer of, among others, construction machinery, purchased a D523 Low-pressure cold spray system from Titomic for PLN 55,000. The new device is to be implemented in Volvo, responsible for updating in vehicles, mainly in trucks, but with the prospect of extensions to design engines. If necessary, the system is implemented in one of the six. This can be done so that after a successful power deployment, additional D523 devices are available at the site. For this purpose, it is necessary to use products from companies such as Rolls-Royce or MTU, i.e. leading manufacturers. It seems that “Cold Spray” will become a permanent fixture in the repair industry.

In short, surfacing, the “hot” precursor of Titomic technology, has long been used. However, the barrier to sharing this technology is the huge cost of the devices and the operating mechanism. The size of the repair part is often limiting. With the D523, the price is proprietary and the system can be connected to a mobile device.

But what is “Cold Spraying” if it has already been praised so much? It is an additive technology in which the material used is atomized metal alloys. The spectrum of available materials is really wide and includes metals such as titanium, aluminum, steel, gold and Inconel. The powdered metal is forced into the heating chamber, where it is heated and then pushed out through the nozzle under enormous pressure. The pressure is so high that the particles permanently attach to the “sprayed” surface. In the case of a robotic system, there is no need for further processing, but in a manual system such as D523, where the precision of the robot is lacking, further processing such as cutting or turning is necessary.

Source: www.titomic.com

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