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Eplus3D presents a new 3D printer for metal – EP-M400S

Eplus3D – a Chinese manufacturer of industrial 3D printers, presented EP-M400S – a new system for additive manufacturing from metal powders. Based on the EP-M400 design, the 3D printer introduces significant improvements to increase flexibility and performance for mid-size systems.

The highlight is the new laser configuration, offering an exceptional level of personalization. With options for 1, 2, 3 and 4 lasers with different power levels (500 W, 700 W and 1 kW each), users can adjust performance to meet the specific requirements of a variety of applications. By combining the technology of large and small systems with the 4 different performance modes available in the EP Control software, it is possible to optimize the 3D printing workflow for a specific application.

The main innovation of the EP-M400S is the use of a top-feed powder feeder and two-way re-powdering, which reduces dispensing time by up to 30%. This approach significantly streamlines the metal powder layering process, leading to significant time savings, making the EP-M400S a more efficient system and closed-loop powder circulation.

The 3D printer is fully compatible with accessories such as the EP-MS600 ultrasonic screener and the EP-MF400 automatic powder feeding system. EP-M400S facilitates seamless integration and unlocks the ability to refill the powder tank without interrupting the printing process, saving valuable time and maintaining powder conditions in an inert atmosphere.

With the design change, the size of the EP-M400S has been reduced by 10% compared to the previous version, ensuring a high level of accuracy and reliability in a smaller package. Features added to the new design will also provide easier access to cleaning and maintenance areas of the machine, not only improving functionality but also serviceability.

Maintaining the layer thickness and material compatibility of its predecessor, EP-M400S finds applications in a variety of industries, including aerospace, automotive, foundry and medical implants. Its adaptability positions it as a versatile metal 3D printing solution, enriching its value and utility.

Source: Eplus3D press materials

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