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Nexa3D finalizes acquisition of Essentium

Nexa3D announced the successful completion of the acquisition of Essentium – a manufacturer of 3D printers and 3D printing materials using HSE technology. The company has established itself in the industry by providing solutions for complex polymer manufacturing applications that are up to 15 times faster than competitive extrusion-based technologies.

The combination of Nexa3D and Essentium is expected to break new ground by giving industrial customers the tools they need to scale production and explore unprecedented manufacturing possibilities at scale. Nexa3D’s broad market reach of over 130 resellers worldwide, combined with Essentium’s HSE technology, positions the combined entity as a major force in the industrial 3D printing market.

Due to the merger, key people from Essentium took up new positions in Nexa3D structures:

Dr. Blake Teipel has been appointed as Nexa3D’s Chief Strategy Officer. Teipel will leverage his experience in product development and implementation, working with the executive leadership team to articulate, facilitate and communicate Nexa3D’s strategic initiatives and lead implementation efforts throughout the organization.

Dr. Elisa Teipel has been appointed CEO of Nexa3D. In this position, Teipel will lead all of Nexa3D’s government business activities, including all special government projects and commercial activities, leveraging his extensive knowledge and customer relationships.

Kelly Spivey has been appointed as Nexa3D’s chief financial officer. In this role, Spivey will work closely with the entire senior leadership team to oversee the company’s combined finance, accounting and information technology, drawing on his extensive operational and auditing experience.

Nexa3D and Essentium are committed to ensuring a smooth transition and maintaining uninterrupted service to existing and potential customers.

Source: www.essentium.com

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