Proclaim creates an oral hygiene device with a 3D printed mouthpiece that fights life-threatening bacteria

Proclaim, a preventive health care company, has unveiled a “clinically proven” oral hygiene system called Custom-Jet that uses a 3D-printed mouthpiece to help remove life-threatening bacteria. The device was designed to combat P.Gingivalis (Porphyromonas gingivalis), a dangerous bacterium linked to heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes and some cancers. The fact that P.Gingivalis is found in most people’s mouths motivated Proclaim to design a system it claims can get rid of the bacteria in seven seconds.

Each device is equipped with a specially made, 3D printed mouthpiece with as many as 60 precisely placed and patented water nozzles. The water jets produced in this way have a unique shape that simultaneously cleans the user’s teeth and gum lines. Proclaim suggests that this process is up to 13 times more effective than flossing.

Clinical testing has shown that the device reduces the symptoms of gum disease: 82% of participants in a peer-reviewed study conducted at an ADA certified independent testing facility reported a reduction in gum bleeding. The study found that 41% also reported a reduction in gum inflammation, and 34% reported a reduction in plaque accumulation.

“If you could improve your oral health in a few seconds a day, why wouldn’t you? Good oral health has systemic consequences,” commented Jonathan Nicozisis, DMD, MS, an orthodontist in Princeton, New Jersey. “Most people underestimate the importance of untreated oral bacteria. Not only is oral bacteria the leading cause of gum disease, but there are also direct links to serious, debilitating systemic diseases and chronic diseases affecting the heart, brain and digestive system. This link between oral health and overall systemic health remains underappreciated. Proclaim finally offers a custom, convenient and consistent solution.”

“By using the latest advances in digital scanning, 3D printing and advanced fluid dynamics to personalize and automate the cleaning process, we can help get rid of harmful oral bacteria better than anything else, while making household chores easier, faster and more enjoyable,” he added Heberto Calves, CEO of Proclaim Health.

The Proclaim Custom-Jet Dental Care System retails for $899.

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