CD3D cooperates with Technology Applied – the largest Polish service company that is able to make 3D prints in virtually any additive technology. The company’s offer includes the production of parts using the SLS method (Selective Laser Sintering – sintering of powdered plastics with a laser beam). The largest 3D Technology Applied – EOS printers allow for the production of parts with a maximum area of ​​up to 340 x 340 x 600 mm.

Technology Applied offers a service of additive manufacturing of very precise prototypes and final parts, both single copies and production series.

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You can choose from a very wide range of materials – both budget and specialized. Below are detailed descriptions of special resins that can be used when ordering 3D prints.

Invicta 915/917 – digital ABS

Invicta 915/917 is an engineering material designed for use in SLA technology. The material is characterized by high durability and strength of 3D printed parts. It has tensile strength and Young’s modulus comparable to ABS.

It offers high surface quality and precision of printed details as well as excellent hardness for parts made of resins. Perfect material for rapid prototyping and research.

Download technical data sheet for material

Vitra DL375 – transparent material

Vitra DL375 is an engineering material dedicated to use in SLA technology. It is transparent, making it possible to achieve even 100% transparency (the final effect depends on the shape of the detail – the higher the wall thickness, the lower the transparency). It offers a perfectly smooth surface quality and high hardness.

Download technical data sheet for material

Peopoly Transparent – transparency at a good price

Peopoly Transparent is the budget version of Vitra DL375. Perfect for quick and cheap prototypes that need to be transparent or translucent. It has slightly weaker physical properties, but it compensates for it with a very attractive price. It is dedicated to SLA 3D printers, which guarantees high quality and smoothness of the surface.

Download technical data sheet for material

Therma DM500 – high temperature resin with heat resistance up to 220°C

Therma DM500 is a material for the production of parts dedicated to work at high temperatures. Perfect for creating injection molds, withstanding injection at 220°C to 90 bar. Like other resin materials, it is characterized by high surface quality and hardness.

Download technical data sheet for material

FLEXA – flexible material

FLEXA is a flexible material used in SLA technology. The printed parts have high resilience and flexibility.

Download technical data sheet for material

TANGO – flexible material

TANGO is a photopolymer material dedicated to work with PolyJet 3D printers. Provides excellent surface quality as well as flexibility and elasticity. Parts made of material can be elongated in tensile by 170% -220% depending on the geometry (the higher the wall thickness, the lower the elasticity). The PolyJet technology offers the possibility of printing support structures that can be washed out or dissolved chemically – thanks to this, it is possible to achieve any complex geometry of a part while maintaining its full functionality and perfectly smooth walls.

Download technical data sheet for material

Call: (+48) 85 733 9000
Send e-mail: [email protected]

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