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Luma AI presents Genie – a tool for creating 3D models based on text

Luma AI startup presented Genie – a generative artificial intelligence model that, according to the company, can create any 3D model based on text commands in about 10 seconds. Generation is performed as a quad mesh in standard 3D formats, making a wide range of applications possible. Genie is available online and in the iOS app.

According to the company, Genie is the first step towards becoming an “intelligent creative partner” that will work with the user to develop new ideas and concepts. Luma AI made the first test versions available online a few weeks ago. In addition to the product launch, the startup announced also a Series B financing round, where $70 million was raised.

Thanks to the funds obtained, Luma is creating a highly competent team to scale its artificial intelligence models. For example, Jiaming Song, former head of the Generative AI group at Nvidia, was hired as the chief scientist.

Source: www.lumalabs.ai

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