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What does the process of ordering 3D printing services at Technology Applied look like?

Modern 3D printing technologies open up new production opportunities for companies. Technology Applied, a leader in the field of SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) 3D printing on the Polish market, plays a key role in providing these services. The process of providing 3D printing services in the company is comprehensive and refined, which guarantees high quality and efficiency.

The first and necessary step in the order fulfillment process is for the customer to provide a 3D model. Technology Applied accepts file formats such as .STL, .3MF or .STP, which are standard in the 3D printing industry. Having a 3D model in one of these formats is crucial because it allows for an accurate calculation of material consumption, which is the basis for calculating the costs of the service. A precise assessment of the model allows you to determine the amount of material needed for printing and the time that will be required for production.

For regular customers, Technology Applied offers a streamlined service delivery process using the 3YOURMIND platform. The platform enables valuation automation, which significantly speeds up the offer preparation process. Customers can easily upload their 3D models through the platform, which analyzes the files and provides a quick quote. 3YOURMIND also makes ordering easier. Customers have the opportunity to manage the entire process, from placing an order to organizing transport, which makes the entire procedure more effective.

The process of providing 3D printing services at Technology Applied is therefore focused on ensuring high quality, speed and flexibility. Thanks to advanced technologies such as SLS and the use of modern tools for automation and order management, this company enables enterprises to effectively use the potential of 3D printing, tailored to their individual needs and requirements.

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