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What does the pricing process for 3D printing services at Technology Applied look like?

Valuation of the 3D printing service is a key element of the production process that allows you to estimate the costs and effectiveness of the project. At Technology Applied, the largest Polish company specializing in 3D printing services using SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) technology, this process is detailed and refined to provide customers with the most accurate information about the costs of the service.

The basis for starting the valuation process is for the client to provide a 3D model in one of the accepted formats, such as .STL, .3MF or .STP. These file formats are essential for the company to accurately assess part dimensions and complexity, which is key to determining material consumption. Material consumption is one of the main factors influencing the cost of a 3D printing service, because it is directly related to the amount of raw material needed and production time.

For regular Technology Applied customers, the pricing process can be significantly streamlined by using the 3YOURMIND platform. This advanced platform automates the quoting process, offering customers the ability to quickly obtain quotes for their 3D printing projects. Customers can easily upload 3D models through the platform, which analyzes the files and provides instant pricing based on specific parameters. Thanks to this, the entire process, from pricing to ordering and organizing transport, becomes more smooth and effective.

The platform not only enables quick pricing, but also facilitates placing orders. Customers have the opportunity to directly order 3D printing services and manage delivery logistics, which is especially important in a dynamic production environment where time and precision are crucial.

Thanks to such solutions, Technology Applied supports companies from various industries, enabling them to access advanced 3D printing services without having to invest in expensive devices and technologies. The valuation process of 3D printing services at Technology Applied is therefore not only a technical process, but also an element of a broader strategy aimed at facilitating access to innovative additive technologies and optimizing the production processes of their clients.

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