Nano Dimension announced that it has acquired Admatec and Formatec, which were previously part of Precision Surfacing Solutions. Thanks to this acquisition, Nano Dimension expands its product and service portfolio with 3D printing of ceramics and metals. Formatec is a Dutch 3D ceramic printing company, and Admatec is a manufacturer of photopolymer 3D printers (SLA) that use resins doped with metal and ceramic particles.

Admatec’s SLA technology enables users to print 3D parts with high speed and throughput. The printed parts can be sintered to form dense, technical ceramic or metal parts. The resulting detailed, but relatively inexpensive products are perfect, for example, as heat sinks.

In 2021, Admatec and Formatec generated $ 5.3 million in revenue with a good gross margin of 56%. Nano Dimension acquired them for $ 12.9 million. This is an exceptionally good offer – not only because of the relatively low valuation, but also because companies are already generating revenues. Moreover, it is an extension of existing Nano Dimensions technologies. The company should easily find customers to cross-sell its new ceramics and metal machinery.


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