Markforged, a leading company that produces 3D printers from high-performance plastics and metals, has signed an agreement with Höganäs AB to acquire Digital Metal, a company that produces metal 3D printers using the Binder Jetting technology. As part of the transaction, Markforged is expected to pay Höganäs $ 32 million in cash, 4.1 million Markforged common stock and an additional $ 1.5 million in cash to settle intra-group balances, subject to certain adjustments. The acquisition is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2022.

With the acquisition of Digital Metal, Markforged has expanded its position in the additive manufacturing of metals by spraying binder processes in addition to its existing metal stamping capabilities. The company sees Binder Jetting 3D printers as a “highly scalable” technology for the additive manufacturing of production-class parts and believes that the Digital Metal offer ensures high quality and reliability of manufactured parts. Markforged aims to further expand the capabilities of Digital Metal technology with integrated software capabilities while accelerating deployment through a global marketplace network.

Digital Metal was founded in 2003 by Höganäs AB with the introduction to the market of a proprietary bonding process that provides high performance, excellent surface finish and the highest resolution. This technology has been used over the years to produce hundreds of thousands of parts for consumer products, automotive, and research and development projects.


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