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What industries does Technology Applied serve in the area of 3D printing services?

Technology Applied, as a leading provider of 3D printing services using SLS technology in Poland, plays a key role in various industry sectors by providing advanced manufacturing solutions. Thanks to its versatility and ability to create precise, durable parts, the company successfully cooperates with many industries, adapting its services to their specific needs.

In the automotive sector, Technology Applied uses 3D printing to produce automotive parts, both for conventional vehicles and those in emerging technologies such as electric vehicles. The ability to rapidly prototype and produce parts on demand makes it ideal for automakers looking to innovate quickly and reduce time to market for new models.

In the aerospace industry, where lightweight yet durable materials are required, Technology Applied offers the production of complex parts that meet the strict standards of this sector. The use of SLS allows you to create elements with complex geometries and reduce weight, which is crucial in aviation.

The medical sector uses Technology Applied’s services to produce custom surgical tools, implants and prosthetic components. 3D printing using SLA technology enables the creation of personalized medical solutions that are tailored to the individual needs of patients, increasing the effectiveness of treatment and comfort of use.

Technology Applied also serves the electronics industry, where precision and miniaturization of components are key. 3D printing offers the production of small, complex electronic parts with high accuracy and repeatability.

In the industrial sector, Technology Applied supplies parts for machinery and equipment, helping companies maintain production continuity and minimize downtime. 3D printing enables the rapid production of replacements for spare parts and specialized tools that are often difficult to obtain on the market.

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