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What 3D print finishing services does Technology Applied offer?

In the area of 3D printing technology, the production of parts is only half of the process – their professional final processing is equally important, which gives the prints an aesthetic appearance and functionality. Technology Applied – the largest supplier of 3D printing services using SLS technology in Poland, offers a comprehensive range of finishing services that are key to obtaining high-quality final products.

The basic finishing method is grinding, which allows you to remove any surface irregularities and obtain a smooth, uniform surface. At Technology Applied, grinding is performed with high precision so as not to compromise the dimensional accuracy of the printed parts. This process is particularly important where smooth surfaces are required, such as in visible components or parts that come into contact with other components.

The next step is coloring the parts, which in SLS technology are always white by default. Technology Applied offers two main methods for coloring parts:

  • immersion-pressure dyeing: this is a technique in which parts are immersed in dye under pressure, which allows for deep and even coverage of the entire surface
  • spray painting: this method allows you to give parts a selected color from the RAL palette; it is ideal for projects requiring specific shades or when a high aesthetic finish is needed.

For large parts that exceed the dimensions of the working area of SLS 3D printers, Technology Applied offers a gluing service. Thanks to this method, larger objects are printed in several segments and then glued together, creating a coherent and durable whole. Bonding is done using specialized adhesives that ensure the durability of the connection and maintain the physical properties of the material.

Technology Applied also uses advanced post-processing solutions, such as DyeMansion systems. These automated solutions allow for uniform surface finishing, coloring and polishing of parts, which significantly improves their quality and aesthetics. DyeMansion is particularly useful in mass production, where high consistency and repeatability of finish are required.

Finishing services offered by Technology Applied are crucial to obtaining high quality and aesthetic 3D prints. From precise grinding, through advanced dyeing methods, to gluing and automated post-processing, this company provides comprehensive services that respond to the diverse needs of customers. Thanks to these services, companies can use the full potential of 3D printing, obtaining products ready for commercial use or presentation.

Photo: www.ta.parts

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