E3D – British manufacturer and supplier of accessories for 3D printers, in particular hotends, nozzles and extruders, announced the acquisition of ZODIAC 3D – an Austrian manufacturer of nozzles for FDM / FFF 3D printers. As part of the acquisition, E3D acquired all the assets and intellectual property of its nozzles and FDM solutions offered on the aftermarket.

ZODIAC 3D was founded in 2020 by Emir Hamzic and two investors – Johannes Schmidt and Deniz Schone. The company supplies CRB and PRO coated nozzles to brands such as Raise3D, Ultimaker and Zortrax. It also supports conveyor belt-printing 3D printers like the popular Creality CR-30.

By acquiring these assets, E3D aims to increase the strength of its supply chain for all product lines, and by leveraging its global network of resellers, the company believes it can expand its current ZODIAC product lines and bring them to a wider market.

“Personally, I am delighted to introduce the ZODIAC 3D product line to E3D customers, both existing and new,” commented E3D Strategy and Marketing Director Clare Difazio. “Their high-quality offering complements the E3D brand and means we are confident that we can widely promote ZODIAC 3D. I look forward to bringing the new range of aftermarket improvements to an even wider range of printers than the one we ship today. For us, this means that we can be sure that excellent quality extrusion is more available than ever. “

Source: www.e3d-online.com

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