Chinese Farsoon Technologies announced plans to expand its production facilities after reaching its all-time high monthly turnover in November this year. A manufacturer of industrial 3D printing systems from metal and powdered polyamides managed to generate $ 15 million in one month, including sales of more than forty machines. Following the recent surge in demand, the company now intends to expand its production capacity with a new polymer powder production facility designed to better serve the needs of its customer base.

“Despite the difficult pandemic situation, Farsoon was able to deliver high performance to support the recovery of global industrial demand,” said Don Xu, director of Farsoon’s Global Business Group. “With continuous technological innovation and increasing market share, Farsoon has proven to be a strong and stable additive manufacturing partner that customers can trust.”

Since its founding by the former technical director of DTM Corporation (now 3D Systems), Dr. Xu Xiaoshu in 2009, Farsoon became one of the leading Chinese metal 3D printer manufacturers and continues to expand its portfolio of devices and consumables.


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