Farsoon opens a new factory for advanced 3D printing materials

Farsoon – a Chinese manufacturer of industrial 3D printers for powdered plastics and metals, has completed the first phase of the Advanced Material Factory project – a 20-month construction of a modern factory for the production of 3D printing materials. In January this year, the factory started its first production of a material based on plastics used in SLS technology.

The Farsoon factory covers a total area of 14.8 acres. The first phase of the project is the completion of 13,000 square meters of factory space, with an annual production capacity of up to 500 tonnes of additive manufacturing materials. The manufacturing facility also includes an advanced materials lab and is home to Farsoon’s materials research and development team. The facility will have an integrated function from material development, testing and production.

Farsoon considers material to be a key part of its remit. The company now offers a range of reinforced PA12 and PA6 based powders available for additive manufacturing. With well-established subsidiaries and a network of distribution channels, the company’s high-performance materials are now available to customers in more than 30 countries and regions around the world.

Photo: (press release / all rights reserved)

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