Farsoon and Evonik create TPC – a new material for 3D printing in SLS technology

Evonik and Farsoon Technologies have once again partnered to launch INFINAM TPC (Thermoplastic Copolyester) – a new elastomeric powder material for SLS 3D printing. In-process testing of the material was conducted at the Farsoon Americas Demo Center in Austin, Texas.

The companies say they are committed to an open systems philosophy where customers are free to choose materials for 3D printing. The new material has been thoroughly tested and fine-tuned to produce repeatable parts with optimal mechanical properties. Teams supported each other on multiple test builds in x, y, and z orientation at different refresh rates. This was to successfully refine the machine parameters to achieve the exact material properties reflected in Evonik’s material data sheets.

Farsoon claims that INFINAM TPC is the first high-performance, flexible, thermoplastic copolyester powder on the market. The company highlighted the tear strength of the printed parts, elongation at break, impact resistance and rebound as key elements of its performance. The material properties of TPC printed parts benefit a variety of automotive, sports and medical applications.

Farsoon and Evonik first partnered in 2021, working on new 3D printing materials with higher temperature resistance. As part of this work, INFINAM PA 6005 P (polyamide 613) with increased temperature resistance was created, dedicated to 3D printers of the ST252P and HT403P series by Farsoon.


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