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Does Technology Applied accept orders from private individuals?

For private individuals, the opportunity to use professional 3D printing services offered by Technology Applied – the largest Polish company providing 3D printing services, opens the door to the implementation of projects that can be both practical and made in the highest possible industrial-class additive technology. From unique components for your own engineering projects, through decorative elements, to prototypes of inventions – the possibilities are almost limitless.

Technology Applied, using SLS technology, ensures high quality and precision of prints, which is especially important in the case of complex or delicate projects. SLS, which is a technique that uses a laser to sinter polymer powders, allows you to create durable and detailed objects, which is perfect for individual customers who are looking for non-standard solutions.

In addition to the printing process itself, Technology Applied also offers 3D design consulting, helping customers prepare models for printing. This comprehensive service is especially valuable for people who have no experience in 3D design but want to implement their ideas.

For Technology Applied, handling orders from private individuals is not only an expansion of its business, but also an opportunity to support the innovation and creativity of individual creators. By providing services at the highest level, this company ensures that each client, regardless of the scale of the project, will receive a product that meets their expectations.

Photo: www.ta.parts

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