Creality owes its global success to the line of super cheap and relatively good FDM / FFF 3D printers called Ender-3. During last year’s premieres of new devices, the Ender-3 saw a completely new, improved version in the form of the S1 model, which was equipped with, among others into a new direct extruder called Sprite and a module for automatic calibration of the heatbed. Now the Chinese manufacturer presents an enlarged version of this 3D printer in the form of the Ender-3 S1 Plus, which is the successor to the recently withdrawn classic Ender-3 MAX.

The device has a working area of ​​30 cm in the XYZ axes, by -4 cm less in the Z axis than the MAX model. As in the case of the rest of the company’s products, the 3D printer is 96% pre-assembled, and its full assembly takes several to several dozen minutes. The Ender-3 S1 Plus is equipped with a compact dual drive Sprite extruder that is mounted directly above the print head. The all-metal extruder body incorporates a titanium alloy heat spacer and a chrome-zirconium head for better wear resistance and better heat distribution compared to older designs.

The maximum nozzle temperature is 260°C, which allows you to work with most popular materials such as PLA, ABS, PETG and even TPU. The side of the extruder has an XY axis tensioner screw to adjust the belt tension. Like all previous models, the 3D printer is equipped with a filament flow sensor, pausing the 3D printer in case of its breakage or finish.

The working platform is covered with a spring steel sheet with a PC coating. The magnetic surface is both flexible and removable, so removing parts is not a problem. The calibration system called CR-Touch is based on a 16-point auto-leveling procedure and uses a precise optical sensor. The Z axis is moved by two screws. The 3D printer is controlled by 32-bit electronics with a work below 50 dB, and a 4.3 “color touch screen is used for operation.

The price of the 3D printer is $ 529.


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