Creality – one of the largest manufacturers of amateur and desktop 3D printers in the world, successively refreshes its product line, adapting it to new design solutions and control electronics. Now the company is officially launching the Ender-5 S1, which Creality says is set to become the new flagship product. The biggest change compared to previous models of this 3D printer is the improved motion system that allows acceleration up to 2000 mm / s and the speed of 3D printing itself up to 250 mm / s.

The Ender-5 S1 is equipped with an all-metal cube-shaped frame with a classic Cartesian structure. It can be assembled in just 10 minutes, and the stability is additionally increased by two linear Z-axis shafts with a diameter of 12 mm and two profiled inserts. Each XYZ axis on the Ender-5 S1 is driven by an independent stepper motor. A steel transmission shaft was used to connect and synchronize the two Y-axis belts, which significantly increases durability and precision, without compromising the speed of 3D printing.

As part of the tests, Creality claims that the 3D printer is able to produce the popular test model – 3DBenchy, in just 54 minutes, with the maximum 3D printing speed set. The Ender-5 S1 was also expected to achieve a 100% success rate for 1000 hours of printing with a layer height of 0.2 mm at 250 mm/s.

The Ender-5 S1 is the first in the Ender-5 series to offer high-temperature 3D printing – thanks to Creality’s all-metal “Sprite” direct extruder. Sprite has double gears with a ratio of 1: 3.5, providing a uniform embossing force of 80N and is especially efficient when 3D printing with elastomers such as TPU. In addition to elastoemers, the Ender-5 S1 can work with a range of other high temperature materials such as ABS, PC, ASA and HIPS. You can buy an acrylic housing for the 3D printer, which will help to maintain a relatively constant temperature in the printing chamber.

After the filament is introduced into the printing system, it passes through a heat gap made of a titanium alloy with low thermal conductivity to prevent uncontrolled heat distribution. The corrugated heat sink and silent axial fan keep the filament cool before reaching the hot aisle. A pair of “Urus” air ducts, mounted along the printing nozzle, cool the printout thanks to the 5015 fan. This improves the quality of 3D printing of overhangs, bridges and other detailed objects. The Ender-5 S1 also has a magnetic cap made of a sheet of PC spring steel, which is placed on the worktable.

The Creality CR Touch 16-point auto-leveling system is pre-installed on the Ender-5 S1, offering effortless leveling of the printbed. For the perfect first layer, Creality recommends users adjust the bed – first with a 0.01mm Z-axis offset, then with a five-point auxiliary leveling.

For the first time in the Ender series, a safe aviation connector is used. The 350 W power supply is mounted in the base of the 3D printer. Creality has also removed all loose cables that are now covered in a nylon sheath. To enable remote 3D printing via WiFi, you must purchase and connect the optional Creality WiFi Box 2.0 + Camera Kit.

The Ender-5 S1 is available from the official Creality store for $ 559.

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