Farsoon has announced that it is researching and developing a four-laser laser sintering of powdered polymers. A production system called Flight HT1001P is currently in beta testing at Farsoon’s R&D facility in Changsha, China. According to Farsoon, the 3D printer is capable of continuous operation and has an increased working volume of 1000 x 500 x 450 mm.

The large working volume together with the quad 300 watt fiber laser system allows Flight HT1001P to scan surfaces at speeds up to 20 m / s for each laser, which the company claims is industry leading performance for large part sizes.

Compared to the single laser configuration of the Flight 403P platform, the new system can offer up to 275% higher production efficiency, as well as 5.6 times the production efficiency compared to a single 3D printer equipped with a CO2 laser. The company says the replaceable cartridge and integrated conveyor system of the CAMS concept means the new system can print two full 225 liter working chambers in one day.

According to Farsoon, the platform is capable of reaching chamber temperatures of up to 220 degrees Celsius to process high temperature materials such as PA6.

Source: www.farsoon-gl.com
Photo: www.farsoon-gl.com (press materials / all rights reserved)

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