Swedish Cellink, thanks to its desktop devices, set a new standard in the field of 3D hipodrome, making the so-far considered futuristic technology almost available at your fingertips. With each month, the company extends not only the network of its clients to new scientific units, but also new, significant partners. Recently, Cellink announced that it is beginning to cooperate with the biotechnological company BIOLAMINA, with the help of which it will conduct further work on the development of the so-called. “Biotsze”, or materials used in the process of 3D hiprukru.

The first result of the cooperation is a new material for 3D hipruk, which has already been introduced to the market. BIOLAMININ has specific properties characteristic for laminin proteins, which are an essential factor to maintain normal functions of living tissues. The structures printed from the said biotube simulate the properties of the environment inside the body in vivo), optimizing the work of scientists on living cell cultures.

As acknowledged by Erik Gatenholm, CEO of Cellink, the development of Cellink projects is a response to the needs of clients, and the possibility of entering into cooperation with BIOLAMINA opens new paths for the development of products supporting research on 3D hipper issues,

Source: cellink.com

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