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BCN3D Omega I60 – a new industrial-grade 3D printer with a large working area and high speed

BCN3D – a Spanish manufacturer of FDM / FFF 3D printers, today presented its latest device model – BCN3D Omega I60. This is a large, industrial 3D printer that uses an upgraded version of the proprietary IDEX kinematics, thanks to which you can double your productivity by 3D printing two sets of parts using independent heads. Omega I60 has a large working area of 450 x 300 x 450 mm (capacity 60L) and a heated working chamber, capable of reaching temperatures up to 70ºC. Interestingly, this is also the company’s first 3D printer to use 1.75mm diameter filaments, instead of the 2.85mm like all previous models. The company also presented a 3D printing materials management system integrated with a 3D printer with internal temperature and humidity control and a high-performance direct extruder, capable of printing at speeds up to 300 mm / s.

The premiere of the new device coincided with the 11th anniversary of BCN3D. During this time, the Spanish company has delivered over 10,000 devices worldwide, with the participation of a sales network of over 100 distributors and resellers. The company’s 3D printers are used by, among others, Nissan and Saint Gobain. During a decade of operation on the market, BCN3D can also boast the introduction of the technology of two independent IDEX printheads and the development of a new 3D printing method – VLM, which was presented last year.

BCN3D claims that the Omega I60 was designed completely from the ground up. It uses HAQ-XY kinematics – one of the best systems for dual-head 3D printers as well as CNC machines, which ensures light, solid and precise nozzle guidance. The Omega I60 uses an improved version of this system by placing the pulleys in a more optimal position. As a result, the system experiences a significant reduction in torque along the X-axis during 3D printing. The IDEX system has also been improved – in the Omega I60, the X motors remain stationary during operation, which minimizes inertia and results in speed acceleration.

The extruder of the new 3D printer is Bondtech LGX Pro working with filaments with a diameter of 1.75 mm, which means a departure from the filaments with a diameter of 2.85 mm used so far. The extruder is equipped with heads from the British E3D – Revo, recently described on the portal, which offer best-in-class extrusion reliability, as well as easy replacement. The Omega I60 has built-in accelerometers and 32-bit electronics, along with a custom firmware version of Marlin 2.1. This combination enhances the capabilities of the 3D printer, enabling it to efficiently produce parts at speeds of 300 mm/s and achieve accelerations of up to 10 m/s².

The heated build chamber makes it easier to work with engineering grade materials, maintaining the optimal temperature for the printed part throughout the production process. After finishing work, the part undergoes gradual cooling processes, which together guarantees the best dimensional accuracy and mechanical durability of the printed part. The chamber in the Omega I60 can reach temperatures up to 70ºC, which makes it ideal for printing materials such as ABS, ASA, PA and PA composite.

The 3D printer comes with an integrated material module – MOS, which allows you to control not only the humidity, but also the temperature of the filaments stored in it. This provides two key advantages: the ability to recover damaged material, and the ability to heat the filament before starting 3D printing. This is especially important for engineering materials with higher heat distortion temperatures. In addition, the operating system of the material allows you to load and unload the filament automatically – if the spool runs out during work, the machine will automatically replace it with a new one. MOS BCN3D Omega I60 can reach temperatures up to 75ºC and provide an RH of less than 10%.

Finally, a number of additional, but equally important functionalities:

  • a new system for calibrating the print heads relative to the work table
  • built-in camera
  • flexible work table plate
  • power backup system (UPS)
  • filament end sensor (FRS)
  • barcode sensors for recognizing spools with filaments
  • 7 inch touch screen
  • HEPA and carbon filter
  • Safety Pause function, emergency stop button
    connectivity via WiFi or Ethernet.

The price of the BCN3D Omega I60 starts at € 19,995.00 net. The first units will be shipped to customers on September 15, 2023. From today, they can be reserved with the manufacturer.

Nowe filamenty

In addition to the new 3D printer, BCN3D presented a number of new proprietary filaments:

  • Omega Proto: a special formulation developed for Omega I60, it offers a smooth, matte and black finish and isotropic properties, which makes it; is equivalent to PLA
  • Omega Impact ASA
  • Omega Resistant Nylon
  • Omega Tooling CF: material doped with carbon fiber.
  • Omega Support: a support material that is removable without the need for dissolution, allowing the printed parts to be used immediately.

Users of the new 3D printer have three paths to choose from when choosing a filament. The first option is BCN3D filaments, which include all the previously mentioned materials as well as materials that are currently in development and planned to be launched in the future. The second option is the Open Filament Network, where BCN3D works with material manufacturers to create dedicated profiles for 3D printing. Among them are such as ESD, flame-redundant, or safe for contact with food. The third option is to use non-standard materials and create your own profiles.

Source: BCN3D press materials

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