BCN3D spins out a new company to commercialize VLM technology

The Spanish manufacturer of 3D printers – BCN3D has separated a new entity, Supernova, which will deal with the development and commercialization of its new VLM technology. The company emphasizes that Supernova is not a daughter company, but a fully independent entity registered in Austin, Texas. The second seat remains Barcelona. It is not entirely clear what was behind this operation, but according to the official position, BCN3D is to focus on providing solutions for the production of prototypes and for operations in production plants. The goal of Supernova is to address problems related to series production using VLM technology.

In March 2022, BCN3D presented its VLM technology, which, to put it simply, is a new approach to 3D resin printing. As indicated by the abbreviation VLM, i.e. Viscous Lithography Manufacturing, it is a technology that prints from dense photosensitive resins. Thanks to this, a wider spectrum and a larger number of additives can be added to the resin, which affects the technical parameters of prints. According to the manufacturer, the resins used in VLM are up to three times more resistant to impacts and twice as resistant to tearing. Additionally, it is the only production-grade resin technology that allows 3D printing from two different materials. For those curious, the producer’s video is below.

VLM has aroused considerable interest in many industries, especially thanks to the Technology Adoption Program, a program that brings together interested companies that, together with Supernova, explore potential applications for the new technology. Plans for this year include expanding the program “vertically”, i.e. to include partners in the development of new materials and industrial systems. The goal is to create an entire industrial ecosystem around VLM technology.


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