In articles describing BCN3D Epsilon – the large format 3D printer, I have repeatedly mentioned the possibility of remote communication with the device. Although these days it is not as technical a novelty as it was 2-3 years ago, the system developed by the Spanish manufacturer stands out from other similar solutions. Here’s how it works…

Wireless communication was presented by BCN3D Technologies for the first time last year with the launch of the Epsilon 3D printer. The service called BCN3D Cloud allows us not only to remotely manage the operation of the device, but to share it with other people belonging to a larger group of users in the structures of a given organization and to communicate with it from theoretically anywhere (i.e. one where we can connect via the Internet) .

Unlike the smaller models produced by BCN3D Technologies – Sigma R19 and Sigmax R19, Epsilon is equipped with a Wi-Fi module. It is supplied in the form of a small USB, which we insert into the socket on the back of the 3D printer. When the device is started for the first time, the operating system asks us if we want to start the remote communication service and, if we agree to it, guides through the process of setting up an account in the BCN3D Cloud service and connecting our device with it.

During the process of linking the 3D printer with the cloud, the device generates a unique link, which we enter in the browser of the computer we use. If we do not have an account in the service – we set it up, if we have it – we connect a 3D printer to it by its serial number.

In the management panel we have two functions: management of connected devices and management of users who have them available.

Sharing is quite simple – enter the email address of the person who has access to the device and if he has a cloud account, he can start using the 3D printer. In the panel we also see a list of devices that have been made available to us (if someone was so nice to us…).

We can also connect to the cloud and the 3D printer connected in this way from a smartphone. Just go to from your phone’s browser and log in to the system…

The 3D printer management section contains information whether the 3D printer is currently active or not – and if so, what does it print and when will it end? If more users can use it – which of them is currently being carried out? We can see the status of the 3D printer – temperatures on individual heads, temperature of the working table and working chamber.

We also have access to the archive of completed tasks along with the time of their actual production. If a given job was interrupted after a few minutes (for any reason), information on this topic will appear in the cloud.

BCN3D Cloud is a very interesting solution for organizations where at least several users will use the same 3D printer. It’s also great for managing more devices.

Paweł Ślusarczyk
CEO of 3D Printing Center. Has over 15 years' experience in buisiness, gained in IT, advertising and polygraphy. Part of 3D printing industry since 2013.

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