At a time when most companies in the 3D printing industry in the world are mainly focused on the survival of the lock-down caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Stratasys, in spite of adverse circumstances, presented a new 3D printer, which in many respects revolutionizes the topic of full-color 3D printing. Stratasys J55 is at first glance PolyJet enclosed in the body of the FDM series F123, but in fact it is a device with innovative and innovative 3D printing technology from light-cured resins, which in addition is offered at a relatively low price.

For several years, Stratasys has been developing full-color 3D printing technology with light-cured diets in the form of J750 and J850 machines. The qualities of these machines are as unique as they are unrivaled – the PolyJet technology they use allows you to create extremely precise and accurate details, printed in any color and combining materials with different properties. Unfortunately, they also have a rather significant disadvantage – they are very expensive both in the purchase price and subsequent operation, which means that few companies are able to afford them. The new Stratasys J55 is to change that…

The new 3D printer has the ability to 3D print details in the full range of CMYK colors, as well as use 1900 Pantone colors. The machine uses consumables from the VERO family (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, BlackPlus and PureWhite), which, when mixed together in the 3D printing process, give different colors. As with other 3D printers from the J series, in this case you can get gradients, textures and even imitations of wood or leather. The 3D printer can also make fully transparent prints imitating glass or translucent colored elements thanks to the use of VeroClear resin. All in one manufacturing process, on one work table.

Traditional PolyJet technology is based on the fact that over the work table moving in the Z axis the print head is spraying in the XY axes, which is immediately cured by UV light emitted from the same arm as the nozzles spraying the resin. The new 3D printer is something completely new – the print head is stationary and the work table rotates around its axis, gradually lowering layer by layer.

We have a total of 1174 cm² of work surface available. The 3D printer uses 71% of the work area of the round table. The maximum model height is 190 mm and the maximum length is 435 mm. We can print in this way, e.g. two cuboids with dimensions: 140 × 200 × 190 mm each or five cubes 10 × 10 × 190 mm.

An intelligent UV LED exposure system has also been introduced that does not require calibration, maintains curing efficiency and saves energy.

The consumable space can hold 12 cartridges with building and support material. The 3D printer uses the soluble SUP710 support material, so that complicated geometries are no obstacle.

The 3D printer was developed for design offices, creative agencies and product development departments. For greater convenience of work, we can upload the CAD file directly to the GrabCAD Print software, which recently also supports 3MF files.

The manufacturer also took care of safety – the machine is connected to an external ProAero air purifier. The device filters the air from vapors and toxins that may come out during resin processing.

The system costs around USD 99,000 and is available on request. The first batch of machines is to be sent to customers in July 2020.

Paweł Ślusarczyk
CEO of 3D Printing Center. Has over 15 years' experience in buisiness, gained in IT, advertising and polygraphy. Part of 3D printing industry since 2013.

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