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3D Phoenix becomes SPEE3D partner in Poland

Last week we reported that the United States Department of Defense has donated seven 3D metal printers from the Australian company SPEE3D to Ukraine and will finance training for soldiers and engineers in the use of this technology on the battlefield. The donated equipment and acquired skills are intended to allow Ukrainian soldiers to quickly produce critical parts for military equipment. Today we have the opportunity to share another piece of news – an official partnership between SPEE3D and 3D Phoenix in Poland.  3D Phoenix will act as agent for SPEE3D in the corporate, industrial and academic markets.  3D Phoenix are a leading distributor of industrial 3D printers, with a wide range of devices from brands such as Nexa3D, Markforged, SprintRay and Sinterit – and now SPEE3D as well. 

In mid-2017, the Australian SPEE3D developed an original additive technique called Supersonic Deposition. It is based on a process known as cold spraying, i.e. applying metal powder to the work table at a gigantic speed – up to three times higher than the speed of sound. Powder particles bond together under the influence of kinetic energy generated when they collide with each other and layer by layer they create a three-dimensional form. The work table on which the metal is placed is placed on a robot arm that moves in six axes. This range of movement allows you to create a detail without the need to use support structures for elements inclined at an angle greater than 45°.

As the name suggests, cold spraying is a process in which we do not deal with high temperatures. Thanks to this, the SPEE3D method can use metal alloys that are unavailable for traditional selective melting of powders with a laser beam. Copper and Copper alloys are particularly popular materials.  Moreover, the nature of production allows mixing different types of powders or using them alternately.  Similarly, the solid state SPEE3D process means the issues in material quality caused by thermal and non-solid state process mean that issues like inclusions and cooling defects are avoided. 

In October 2022, the company presented its latest XSPEE3D machine – a containerised and mobile 3D printer. The machine provides all the features necessary to start 3D printing parts from anywhere, in just minutes. XSPEE3D was designed based on extensive field research and collaboration with the Australian Army. XSPEE3D is embedded in a standard 20ft container. The 3D printer is easy to use and deploy, requiring only an electrical connection. Once energized, parts production can begin virtually immediately. This is the most optimal solution available on the market, which works well in difficult conditions – including on the battlefield.

SPEE3D officially in Poland

SPEE3D have pursued a direct to customer sales model since their establishment 6-years ago.  The collaboration with 3D Phoenix marks a new way for Polish manufacturers to embrace the technology. 

3D Phoenix, which has specialized in the supply of high-performance, industrial 3D printers in Poland for nearly 10 years, will now represent the Australian manufacturer in Poland, focusing on industrial, corporate and research clients.

“I was struck by 3D Phoenix’s energy and enthusiasm for additive manufacturing in Poland and look forward to working with them now and in the future,” said David McNeill, director of corporate programs (EMEA) at SPEE3D.

“SPEE3D solutions open a completely new chapter in metal additive manufacturing. Modern industrial methods are often based on sintering metallic powders, where 3D printing is only one of the stages of the process. Cold Spray technology used by SPEE3D allows you to create durable products with full density, without additional time-consuming pickling or baking. I believe that SPEE3D will not only accelerate the development of the defense sector, but will also become a valuable tool for research institutions and enterprises that see the potential in 3D printing metal elements with impressive sizes of 1000x700mm, weighing up to 40 kg, in hours, not days!” – said Rafał Pancewicz, Business Development Director at 3D Phoenix.

3D Phoenix is the official partner of SPEE3D in Poland.

Photos: www.spee3d.com (press materials / all rights reserved)

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