UV Polimer – Polish manufacturer of light-curing resins for 3D printing, presents new 3D Dental medical materials

Although few people may be aware of it, Polish producers of filaments for 3D printing in FDM / FFF technology have been among the absolute leaders in Europe for several years, both in terms of produced quantities and the innovativeness of the products offered. On the other hand, when it comes to 3D printing from light-cured resins – which is the second most popular additive method in the world, it is mainly foreign manufacturers that dominate. This may change thanks to UV Polimer Sp. z o. o. – a Warsaw company specializing in the production of photopolymers, which has just announced the premiere of its new product aimed at the medical market – 3D Dental.

Modern dentistry is not only about the skills of dentists or complex tools for working in offices, but also about access to increasingly advanced technologies – including 3D printing. Polymer 3D Dental UV resins are part of the evolution of the dental industry, providing solutions that maximize the effects of prosthetists’ work and also guarantee increased safety of patients and medical staff.

UV Polimer introduces a modern generation of 3D Dental resins to the market. The resin available now is Model One, available in four colors (White, Ivory, Gray and Peach), which is intended for 3D printing dental models. The resin is offered in 0.5 kg and 1 kg bottles.

More materials will be available for sale soon:

  • Tray – for creating templates for dental impressions,
  • Try In – for 3D printing of prosthetic samples,
  • Crown – for making temporary and permanent crowns and bridges.

What is important is the fact that UV Polymer resins are a completely Polish product, produced in the country. The materials are odorless and non-cytotoxic, which creates a fully ergonomic working environment for prosthetic staff.

UV Polymer resins are compatible with the most popular UV LCD 3D printers on the market from Phrozen and Anycubic. 3D printing profiles for six device models are available on the manufacturer’s website. Regardless, Model One resin is compatible with 3D printers with a light wavelength range of 385 to 405 nm. UV Polimer also conducted a number of post-processing tests, creating settings for exposure of ready-made 3D prints for the three most popular UV stations: Formlabs Form Cure, Anycubic Wash & Cure and XYZ Cure 180.


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