The US Department of Defense will provide Ukraine with Australian SPEE3D metal 3D printers

SPEE3D – an Australian manufacturer of super-fast 3D metal printers, announced the beginning of cooperation with the United States Department of Defense to implement 3D printers for the Ukrainian army. SPEE3D will provide 3D printers and train Ukrainian soldiers and engineers in the production and repair of military equipment in war zones.

SPEE3D printers were delivered to Ukraine by the Department of Defense as part of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative and will be deployed in various locations throughout the country. The US Department of Defense has invested in seven SPEE3D metal 3D printers and in additional training for soldiers and engineers in the use of this technology. The company says these capabilities will allow Ukrainian soldiers to quickly produce critical parts of military equipment.

According to SPEE3D, military personnel in Ukraine will now be able to print parts of large and small sizes that could otherwise halt an advance or paralyze military operations. Mobile metal 3D printers can quickly repair damaged parts using SPEE3D’s proprietary and patented cold spray additive manufacturing (CSAM) technology.

CSAM technology uses supersonic deposition to spray heated and compressed air at more than twice the speed of sound according to SPEE3D. The company says this differentiator makes 3D printers ideal for production in harsh environments because they can be transported to or near the action site.

The company’s flagship 3D printer – XSPEE3D can print parts from over 12 metal alloys, including copper, stainless steel, titanium, high-strength aluminum and nickel-based carbides. A key aspect of its ability to be used in military settings is its ability to withstand extreme heat and rugged terrain. SPEE3D also states that the machine harnesses the power of kinetic energy, rather than “relying on high-power lasers and expensive gases.”


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