Everyone who sits bored in flat according to the stayhome principle has probably already noticed that the appearance of one of the most popular website with 3D printing models has changed. Today Thingiverse was presented in a new graphic version, which is both a simpler and transparent version.

Until now, the big problem was that Thingiverse was too slow. Problems loading or refreshing the page made the life of 3D printers miserable – sometimes there were problems with downloading the model. Now, the site works much faster and more efficiently.

In the new version of the main page, instead of sections and categories, a transparent theme has appeared, in which popular 3D models are displayed in rectangular panels. On the site, you can filter them by popularity and category of the spatial model you are looking for. The creators also offer more comprehensive filtering not only by models, but also by users, collections or groups.

The profiles of individual models were also refreshed – they also gained a clearer layout, but all the most important information, such as descriptions or photos of 3D prints made by users, has been preserved.

On the other hand, the educational section has been expanded, which complements the strategy of Makerbot, the owner of Thingiverse. The platform has been integrated with the model repository – models appear in this part of the page as “lessons” divided by fields of study and age of potential students. This is an interesting proposition for teachers who want to start learning 3D printing in schools and are looking for inspiration.

A few months ago, Makerbot began the SKETCH Classroom educational project, which proposes an ecosystem of solutions in the field of additive technologies. The package includes two latest 3D SKETCH printers, dedicated programming solutions, six PLA filament spools and a number of additional accessories. Complementing the 3D printer kit plus materials are models ready for 3D printing, available for download from Thingiverse.

Magdalena Przychodniak
Editor-in-Chief of the 3D Printing Center. A biomedical engineer following the latest reports on bioprinting and 3D printing in modern medicine.

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