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UltiMaker introduces MakerBot Method 3D printers to CURA software

UltiMaker – the company established last year from the merger of the Dutch Ultimaker and the American MakerBot, announced the compatibility of the Method series of industrial 3D printers with the CURA software. The new version of the software – Cura 5.6, now includes 3D printing profiles for the Method X and Method XL models, as well as support for new materials compatible with these devices.

According to UltiMaker, users can now fully use Method 3D printers for the first time using the functions of the popular open-source software – CURA, which has been developed by the company since 2011. The program has over 600 settings available, providing wide flexibility in working with 3D printers.

The Method series is aimed at professional users who want to print large, high-quality components for production purposes and creating functional tools. In particular, Method XL enables the creation of complex parts made of ABS thanks to its 30 x 30 x 32 cm working chamber.

So far, Method 3D printers have used the CloudPrint cloud solution. By integrating with Cura, UltiMaker now aims to attract the attention of companies that prefer on-premises software for security reasons. Further improvements, such as profiles for additional materials and compatibility with the Digital Factory platform, are planned for future releases.

Source: www.ultimaker.com
Photos: www.ultimaker.com (press materials / all rights reserved)

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