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Nexa AI – a platform based on artificial intelligence that improves the operation of Nexa3D XiP Pro 3D printers

Nexa3D presented Nexa AI software at last week’s Formnext trade fair in Frankfurt am Main, designed to automate workflows for its super-fast XiP Pro photopolymer 3D printers. The new platform simplifies the industrial manufacturing process – from the preparation of production files to final processing. NexaAI is addressed primarily to industrial customers for whom the guarantee of success of each launched print, which the software is supposed to ensure, is crucial. The core platform module is available now, with additional features and updates coming later this year.

Nexa AI will help streamline and automate the workflow during the 3D printing process, provide remote monitoring and management of 3D printer operation, while enabling the detection of process errors and intervention to correct them in real time. According to the company, this will help users reduce material consumption, reduce labor costs and increase production efficiency.

Using artificial intelligence, the platform will increase its knowledge about the tasks being performed with each subsequent print, thanks to which the efficiency and effectiveness of the platform will gradually increase. Nexa AI will learn from prints made by a given user or – if used via the cloud – from accumulated data generated by a wide base of XiP Pro 3D printer users.

“To truly scale additive manufacturing, process repeatability and reliability are paramount. Until now, 3D printers were able to create anything, but they didn’t learn anything themselves. We believe that Nexa AI will significantly change this paradigm. The ability to incorporate the physics of the 3D printing process into the intelligence of a 3D printer is a huge step forward in understanding every aspect of part additive manufacturing,” said Izhar Medalsy, Nexa3D Chief Technology Officer. “The Nexa AI platform integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning with additive manufacturing, optimizing build orientation, reducing material waste and minimizing post-processing. Data is collected with each print and then used for continuous improvement and further optimization of parameters. This will prevent phenomena such as failed prints, suboptimal support structures, improved 3D printing speeds, and inefficient post-processing.”

The exclusive distributor of Nexa3D in Poland is 3D Phoenix. Ask what can improve your business: [email protected].

Source: www.nexa3d.com
Photo: www.businesswire.com

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