Sinterit is constantly developing its solutions in the field of SLS technology in the desktop edition. Recently, the Krakow company has published an update for its software, thanks to which their 3D printers work in accordance with the principles of Industry 4.0.

Now, Sinterit increases the cost-effectiveness of the 3D printing process and introduces the lowest PA 12 powder refresh rate - 26%. This lies to the often repeated claim that SLS technology is expensive. Sinterit devices combine high quality, precision and cost-effectiveness of the 3D printing process. The optimized percentage of material consumption reduces the entire manufacturing process.

It is worth mentioning that in the technology of laser sintering powders less than volume is sintered. Unbaked gunpowder is a supporting structure for realized 3D prints and can be used in subsequent 3D printing processes after mixing with fresh gunpowder. The proportions of two types of gunpowder determine the profitability of the 3D printing process. Sinterit has always allowed for economical 3D printing, but thanks to the optimization work done, they managed to achieve an even better result.

Maxime Polesello, CEO of Sinterit, says that reducing production costs is another step to make SLS technology even more accessible. Sinterit puts a strong emphasis on development and announces that this year new users will be waiting for the users of their solutions.

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