Sculpteo, a French company providing 3D printing services, together with Forward AM, a subsidiary of the German chemical concern BASF, announced the premiere of four new nylon-based consumables – PA 11.

PA11 is a material made of renewable raw materials, biologically obtained from castor oil. Materials based on polyamide 11 are distinguished by their chemical resistance, high ductility, impact strength and durability. They are obtained by polymerization of organic 11-aminoundecanoic acid. They can be used in applications including medical, mechanical and electronic components.

New nylon-based materials developed for SLS technology: Ultrasint PA11, Ultrasint PA11 ESD, Ultrasint PA11 CF and dedicated to Multi Jet Fusion PA11 MJF are now available in Sculpteo’s offer.


The first of the premiere materials created by Sculpteo and BASF is Ultrasint PA11, dedicated to the SLS selective laser sintering technology. Models made of this material are characterized by high mechanical strength, ductility and impact strength. Thanks to this, they can be successfully used for the production of durable parts that work under high mechanical loads.

PA11 materials are obtained from renewable biomass sources and are dedicated to the production of lightweight structures by reducing the thickness of the walls. Thanks to its good mechanical properties, it can be used for the production of components for the automotive industry, e.g. car accessories or the production of movable hinges. Importantly, it can be used for 3D printing of structures in contact with the skin.


The new antistatic material based on polyamide 11 provides good mechanical properties and resistance to high temperatures. Moreover, the Ultrasint PA11 ESD has ESD functionality to minimize the risk of electrostatic discharge between two components with different electrical potentials when they are in direct contact. Thanks to this, the risk of their damage during operation is minimized. This is of particular importance for increasing safety in advanced applications where electrostatic discharge may occur, such as the fabrication of electronics housings, instruments and fixtures used in electronics and tools.


Carbon fiber reinforced PA11 CF has also joined the family of new materials based on polyamide 11. It is considered to be one of the most durable plastics available in 3D printing. The material combines high plasticity and impact strength, and at the same time is characterized by high stiffness.

Ultrasint PA11 CF is dedicated to creating light components with very low wall thickness and high strength. The material can be used to produce models with high strength and stiffness.


Unlike the three previous materials, PA11 MJF is developed for Multi Jet Fusion technology. The very process of producing components in this technology differs from SLS, as it uses a liquid binding agent of the powder layers to create a three-dimensional structure. Models 3D printed with this technology with PA11 MJF allow to obtain fine details and a smooth surface, using a detailing agent. The material can be used in medical applications, impact-resistant components and movable hinges.

Forward AM and Sculpteo experts believe that the new family of nylon-based materials will enable the production of lightweight, high-strength components for industrial applications with well-defined properties. An additional advantage of the new series of consumables is the focus on ecology.

Patrycja Dubert
Biomedical engineer interested in unconventional and innovative approach to medicine and its connection with modern technology.

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