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Markforged presents new versions of H13 Tool Steel and D2 Tool Steel filaments for Metal X 3D printers

Markforged announced the premiere of two new versions of H13 Tool Steel and D2 Tool Steel filaments dedicated to Metal X 3D printers. The new materials are a new chemical formula of the two most popular Markforged tool steels, containing an improved binder that makes the filaments more flexible and less brittle. Prints made of both materials will be available at the Warsaw Industry Week fair organized at Ptak Expo on October 23-26 at the stand of the Markforged distributor in Poland – 3D Phoenix (stand no. B1.24).

Markforged claims that the new materials improve the quality of work and efficiency of 3D printers, while enabling the introduction of additional 3D printing modes in the future, which will expand the range of applications supported by Metal X. Spools of H13 and D2 tool steel can be loaded into the unheated chamber of 3D printers. which helps reduce start-up and material change times. The spools also contain 400cc of material, twice as much as previous versions, allowing more prints to be made before replacement is required.

Markforged introduced H13 tool steel in December 2018. With these materials, the company was able to facilitate the development of industrial applications such as metal forming tooling, injection molds and hardened inserts for fixtures used in manufacturing environments.

The distributor of Markforged in Poland is 3D Phoenix. Ask what can improve your business: [email protected].

Source: www.markforged.com

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