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FormFutura presents new ReFill 2.0 spools for filaments purchased in coils

FormFutura – one of the most famous European manufacturers of 3D printing filaments, announced the launch of its ReFill 2.0 system, i.e. reusable spools on which materials are applied in the form of a coil. The company claims that in this way it continues its path towards reducing waste.

The new system eliminates the need for disposable spools and boxes – instead, FormFutura now offers them wound on a cardboard core, which secures the filament in place. 3D printer users have the option of printing their own flanges based on free STL files provided by FormFutura or purchasing pre-printed flanges directly from the company.

The ReFill 2.0 system uses Velcro straps instead of disposable zip ties. The straps are reusable and serve two purposes: to hold the collars together securely and to make them easier to replace. Users can switch between colors or materials without having to finish the entire coil. As a result, the user may only need one set of flanges.

The new FormFutura system brings an 80% reduction in packaging waste, while potentially reducing shipment volumes by up to 55%, according to the company. The development of ReFill 2.0 is the result of detailed feedback received from 3D printing and manufacturing companies, where the company’s customers emphasize a significant increase in production capacity utilization rates since the implementation of this system. It is compatible with almost all FDM/FFF 3D printers on the market, including the widely used AMS system. The system is currently offered for 750g and 2000g spools, but additional larger sizes will be introduced in the near future.

Source: FormFutura press materials

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