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Markforged presented an ultra-high-performance material intended for 3D printing of aerospace components

Markforged presented Vega at Formenxt – an ultra-efficient filament intended for the production of aerospace-grade parts on the FX20 3D printer. The new material not only offers exceptional strength, but is also expected to provide customers with significant benefits in terms of weight reduction, cost efficiency and lead time savings.

Vega relies on Markforged’s materials expertise and proven experience in designing carbon fiber-filled polymers that provide strength, precision and high surface quality. The American manufacturer developed Vega to be compatible with continuous fiber reinforcement technology on FX20 3D printers, to deliver plastic parts with aluminum-level strength.

“Vega was developed to expand aerospace 3D printing applications for our customers,” said Shai Terem, CEO of Markforged. “Vega uses PEKK, a material proven in the aerospace industry that is characterized by excellent strength and stiffness. We believe that this material will set the standard in the quality of 3D printing on high-temperature thermoplastics and will increase the use of our FX20 3D printer.”

Vega has excellent surface quality that exceeds most high-temperature plastics used in additive manufacturing. With a smooth, black, matte surface finish, Vega offers an excellent finish after printing. The new material resists warping, a persistent problem for high-temperature plastics, and also demonstrates flame, smoke and toxicity (FST) resistance in high-value applications.

The inherent quality advantages in 3D printing are expected to translate into favorable business outcomes for customers, especially for production parts. Fewer defects and minimal warpage mean less post-processing to achieve surface quality, allowing for a higher part acceptance rate during inspection.

The distributor of Markforged in Poland is 3D Phoenix. Ask what can improve your business: [email protected].

Source: www.markforged.com
Photo: www.businesswire.com (press materials / all rights reserved)

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