MakerBot has changed its development strategy in recent years, becoming a company focused mainly on the education industry. At the same time, the company does not forget about the users who use MakerBot 3D printers for professional applications and constantly expands the range of available materials with engineering plastics.

Now, the company has presented another novelty – this time in the field of software. The launch of the new MakerBot CloudPrint software is to help not only to improve the comfort of remote work of people involved in 3D printing projects, but also to improve the quality of 3D prints.

The solution proposed by MakerBot is primarily to improve the workflow on projects that use 3D technologies. The software allows you to prepare models for 3D printing, queuing printouts and managing both 3D printing projects and devices. The platform is fully compatible with MakerBot 3D printers – both SKETCH Classroom and Replicator systems.

MakerBot CloudPrint allows you to:
  • cut and prepare models for 3D printing from the browser level,
  • for 3D printed file visualization, as well as live preview during 3D printing thanks to the camera installed in the device,
  • communicate with other team members, share with them information about the project being implemented and discuss ideas or problems on an ongoing basis,
  • generate reports on the 3D printing process to check its performance,
  • queue 3D prints, ensuring better organization, which increases the smoothness and efficiency of implementation,
  • create custom 3D printing profiles.

Nadav Goshen, CEO of MakerBot, says that the decision to create such a solution is related to a situation resulting from a global pandemic. In a situation where more and more employees switch to remote work mode, manufacturers, in response to their needs, try to create an environment for efficient work. MakerBot CloudPrint, according to the company, is an ideal solution for individual and team work from anywhere, regardless of the number of printers you have.

One of the first users of the new platform is PENSA, a company dedicated to creating innovations for industrial sectors, which uses the MakerBot Method platform in the processes of designing and developing new solutions. Marco Perry, CEO of PENSA, explains that due to the epidemiological situation, many things in their daily work had to change. MakerBot CloudPrint, however, made it possible to work with 3D printers from a distance, thus maintaining high performance of the tasks performed.

Magdalena Przychodniak
Editor-in-Chief of the 3D Printing Center. A biomedical engineer following the latest reports on bioprinting and 3D printing in modern medicine.

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