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Lulzbot presents a new 3D printer – TAZ Pro Long Bed with an unusually large printbed

LulzBot – once one of the largest and most influential manufacturers of FDM / FFF desktop 3D printers in the USA, announced the premiere of a new device – TAZ Pro Long Bed, with a very large (and very specific) working area: 282 x 582 x 285 mm. The 3D printer is the latest product from the TAZ Pro Platform line, and its creators hope to restore the glory of a distinguished brand that struggled with very serious financial problems a few years ago.

In the years 2013-2017, LulzBot was to the US what Prusa was to Europe. The company specialized in creating open structures of 3D printers working in FDM / FFF technology, which were packed with a whole lot of solid solutions and high-class components. Unfortunately, in 2019, the company encountered enormous financial problems, which culminated in the dismissal of as many as 80% of employees. Aleph Objects, the owner of LulzBot, has suspended operations, limiting itself only to handling current orders and the most urgent service and warranty work.

In November 2019, the new owner of the LulzBot brand was FAME 3D – Fargo Additive Manufacturing Equipment 3D, located in Fargo, North Dakota. It was a completely new entity, established on November 1, 2019, associated with a local store with 3D printers and spare parts for them – Fargo 3D Printing and a filament manufacturer – 3D-Fuel. After four years of relative silence, the company returns with a new 3D printer…

TAZ Pro Long Bed offers a very unusual, long printbed with dimensions of 282 mm in the X axis and as much as 582 mm in the Y axis. The 3D printer is equipped with a BLTouch sensor, which performs 32-point leveling of the printbed before each print. The Asteroid 285 head is equipped with dual heating inserts ensuring high-volume material flow through the 1.2 mm GammaMaster nozzle (expandable to 2.4 mm with the Asteroid nozzle kit).

The Long Bed printbed is also equipped with an aluminum magnetic table, with a top sheet of laminated blue PEI spring steel, which provides a durable and flexible alternative to traditional glass surfaces. Equipped with neodymium magnets, the printbed securely holds the flexible sheet while allowing for easy removal. The manufacturer has also introduced an improved filament exhaustion and blockage sensor, which ensures monitoring of its flow to prevent interruptions due to various problems.

The LulzBot TAZ Pro Long Bed costs $7,995 and can be ordered here.

Source: www.lulzbot.com

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