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Intech Additive Solutions Introduces iFusion150 – Second Generation Metal 3D Printer with Largest Build Volume in Its Class

Intech Additive Solutions – one of the pioneers of the industrial 3D printing industry in India, will demonstrate the second generation of its metal 3D printer – iFusion150, at IMTEX 2023 on January 19-25, 2023. The manufacturer has significantly increased operational security, reduced operator participation in the production process and equipped the 3D printer with additional features such as a compact design, a double security system and automatic filter change control without stopping the machine.

Founded in 2012 by Sridhar Balaram, Intech Additive Solutions Pvt Ltd was the first metal 3D printing company in India. In 2017, the company created the world’s first software for optimizing the parameters of 3D prints called AMOptoMet, and in 2020 it built the first metal 3D printer in India – iFusionSF1, equipping it with proprietary AMBuilder software. The German-Japanese concern DMG MORI has made a strategic investment in Intech, and its representatives have joined their advisory panel. Intel’s clients include: IIT Madras, INDO MIM, Yenepoya University, Pandit Deendayal Energy University, MRF, Bellatrix Aerospace and others.

The iFusion150 comes with a 500W laser by default, which can also be upgraded to a 700W or 1000W laser with a build volume of 150mm x 180mm, which is the largest in its price segment. iFusion150 is supplied to industries such as education, research and development, aerospace, automotive, defense, medical and dental, oil and gas and utilities.

Complementing the iFusion150 is the comprehensive “AMBuilder” build preparation software for a well-structured workflow. It allows for a hassle-free experience in the end-to-end build preparation process. Another significant addition is the offering of parameter optimization software “AMOptoMet”, which is tuned to calculate and optimize the process parameters of a given alloy for laser powder bonding (LPBF) technology.

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