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BCN3D introduces a new generation of Epsilon series 3D printers

BCN3D Technologies has announced the launch of a new generation of 3D printers from the Epsilon series. The series was launched in 2020 and currently includes the following models: W50, W27, W50 SC and W27 SC. The devices from the new series focus on increased efficiency, which translates into the upgrade of a number of structural elements. Thus, in the new version of 3D printers we will be dealing with rather the same technological parameters, but with an improved “engine”.

The increased performance of the new BCN3D 3D printers can be attributed to the new and improved electronics and ventilation system. According to the Spanish manufacturer, the previous ventilation system introduced cold air to the fans with the exhaust towards another section, and it turned out that this could potentially cause turbulence inside the print chamber, resulting in occasional imperfections in 3D prints. The solution to this problem is to extract a stream of hot air and lower the internal pressure to absorb the air from the outside.

The Trinamic TMC2130 motor has been replaced with the TMC2226 motor. The new controllers are quieter, but also have greater efficiency and better engine torque. The previous model required heatsink cooling, but according to the company, the new ones heat up much less. The new generation of Epsilon also has a new motherboard – the company moved away from external components and opted for its own, custom-made. A number of custom components have been concentrated on one electronics, as opposed to several elements spread out in different areas of the 3D printer. BCN3D claims this reduction offers a simpler and more powerful motherboard.

The internal web server of the 3D printers allows access via a local IP address. Files can be sent, monitored, and 3D printing jobs can be canceled or paused remotely. This feature is also available on previous Epsilon models after a firmware update. Another new feature that BCN3D says is the fastest on the market is XYZ Auto Calibration. According to the company, at the “push of a button”, the automated process can reduce set-up time from 40 to 6 minutes, a reduction of 85%.

In terms of aesthetics, the black frame has been remodeled for a sleeker look.

Source: www.bcn3d.com
Photos: press materials / all rights reserved

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