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Snapmaker Artisan Receives Innovation Award at CES 2023

Snapmaker – a Chinese manufacturer of multifunctional 3D printers, was honored with the CES 2023 Innovation Awards for Artisan – a “3-in-1” device equipped with three manufacturing tools – a double extruder for 3D printing from filaments, a laser head for engraving and a CNC head for machining. The machine had its world premiere in the middle of last year.

The CES Innovation Awards program, created by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), is an annual competition that recognizes outstanding design and engineering across 28 categories of consumer technology products. A panel of industry experts, media representatives, designers and engineers review submissions based on innovation, engineering and functionality, aesthetics and design. Snapmaker Artisan was selected from a group of over 2,100 submitted technological solutions.

Artisan is the successor to the popular Snapmaker 2.0 model. It has a large working area of 40 cm in the XYZ axes and a double extruder with the ability to work up to a temperature of 300°C. In addition to 3D printing, it provides CNC milling and laser cutting or engraving. For milling, it uses a CNC head with a power of up to 200W, while engraving and cutting is done with a 10W laser, which can operate at a speed of up to 6000 mm/min. while cutting through wood up to 8 mm thick in one pass.

Source: www.snapmaker.com

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