Formlabs introduces two new polyurethane resins – PU Rigid 650 and PU Rigid 1000. They are compatible with all models of the manufacturer’s 3D printers – Form 2, Form 3, Form 3+, Form 3B and Form 3B +. The materials are characterized by high strength and impact resistance and can be used in a wide range of industries – from medicine to automotive and the production of consumer goods.

The company recommends the use of resin 650 for the production of connector components such as hinges and snap joints, as well as impact-resistant parts such as wheels, bumpers and grommets. Variant 1000 is designed for the production of production tools and fittings, housings and durable consumer products, including bottle caps, buckles and bicycle pedals.

As a polymer, polyurethane is quite a harmful material and you should be especially careful when inhaling its vapors as they can have far-reaching harmful health effects. Skin contact with uncured polyurethane can also have adverse health effects and, in extreme cases, can even be a carcinogen. Therefore, Formlabs’ proposal, whose products are always thoroughly tested and certified, can be an important option in the area of ​​rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing. PU is very safe after curing, therefore, with appropriate approvals, it opens up many applications and possible applications in 3D printing.


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