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Formlabs presents a resin pumping system and two new materials

Formlabs announced a number of new products at CES 2024 in Las Vegas: the premiere of a new resin pumping system and two new materials: polypropylene powder for 3D printing in SLS technology and a light-cured prosthetic resin – Premium Teeth Resin. According to the company, the new releases are expected to increase the efficiency, versatility and scalability of the 3D printing ecosystem and will streamline in-house 3D printing of consumer goods, dental equipment, industrial and automotive parts, production prototypes and more.

The company says that as productivity increases and users of its photopolymer 3D printers add 3D printing to their workflows, the resin pumping system will enable increased production with less operator involvement, lower resin costs and reduced waste. The resin pumping system, an accessory for the Form 3 and Form 3L 3D printers, is a plug-and-play replacement for standard one-liter cartridges. According to Formlabs, the device delivers five liters of resin directly into the 3D printer’s resin tank to enable a continuous 3D printing process.

The new polypropylene powder will expand the material offering for SLS technology, enabling users to print products commonly made of polypropylene, such as home appliances, electronics, sports equipment, custom laboratory equipment, prototypes, and production tools. It is dedicated to work with Fuse 1+ 30W 3D printers.

The new Premium Teeth Resin is a Class II biocompatible material with nanoceramics, FDA registered and proven to be durable. The company claims it guarantees optimal clinical performance while balancing natural-looking aesthetics. The material will support 3D printed dentures and implant-supported full-arch temporary restorations, providing realistic aesthetics and a simplified workflow.

Formlabs says the new dental material can be tailored to each patient’s anatomy, mimicking the natural transparency and opalescence of teeth with customizable digital dentures as well as temporary implant-supported restorations.

Source: www.formlabs.com & www.formlabs.com
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