Today Printr announced the release of their cutting-edge Formide cloud solution completely compatible with Raspberry Pi technology. User can now set up a Raspberry Pi and connect your 3D printer to Formide without any startup costs.

Releasing a cloud solution offer based on the right mix of proprietary and open source will lead to faster and larger industry adoption of 3D printing, providing a more intuitive design-to-print process and lower entry costs. Printr’s ambition is to enable the experts and non experts to access the 3D printing world, making it easy and less expensive while striving to deliver the best quality.

Over the past year Printr listened to the needs of their customers and the customers of their customers, gaining an in-depth understanding of their pains. Those needs became the cornerstones when Printr renewed Formide cloud platform, which is now fully compatible with the Raspberry Pi.

Says Chris ter Beke, Printr’s CTO:

Our cloud solution is based on the feedback addressing how the iterative design-to-print process can be accelerated and streamlined while producing a high level quality of printed objects; no matter if it’s a single user or a team of engineers working on a project.

Chris ter Beke - CTO at Printr

Formide cloud technology offers many benefits for a wide range of users, from absolute newbies to absolute experts in 3D printing.

Our idea was to provide a product able to support and enable different users at different stages of their 3D printing journey. Formide was created with the goal of being Multi Skills Level Compatible. What do we mean with that? A newcomer can start with predefined settings and later on in the journey switch to advanced for certain areas, while a very experienced user can immediately enjoy tweaking his 3D printer to perfection.

Douwe Bart Mulder - Printr’s CEO.

The platform’s key benefits span from the unified work-flow, where the user finds everything in one single location, to remote control and monitoring via any web enabled device, while always enjoying the latest tools and pushed updates.

Printr spent the last year paying careful attention to its customers and their needs with the constant belief that 3D printing can be accessed by the masses. Formide cloud platform is the result of their belief and the attentive listening. To get Formide solution visit this website.

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