ExOne, manufacturer of 3D printers working in Binder Jetting technology, popularizes its solutions among potential customers. To reach the widest possible range of users – both enthusiasts of additive technologies and companies that can use their technology to increase production efficiency – ExOne has prepared a webinar. On 25th March 2020 at 02:00 PM ET, ExOnes’ specialists will conduct a webinar called “How to 3D Print Sustainable Sacrificial Tooling for Composite Part Production and All-New Designs” dedicated to the Washout Tooling application.

The Washout Tooling application facilitates the standard post-processing of elements that must remain empty, and in addition to low weight, they must be of adequate mechanical strength. Their 3D printing method of water-soluble cores makes it easier to form components from composite materials (such as carbon fiber or glass). So far, the process of cleaning printouts from residual materials has been time consuming and required a variety of measures – from solvents and chemically aggressive detergents to standard tools for mechanical removal of unbonded material. For more information on the application, please refer to the article detailing the method.

The webinar is free and will be conducted in English. Rick Lucas, CTO ExOne, will present exactly what 3D printing of eluted equipment for production is, including composite elements.

Subscriptions to the webinar are made via the contact form.

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